Margaret Rose Kenrick

Margaret Rose Kenrick

Senior Program Manager of Customer Experience (CX) at NanoString Technologies

Margaret is the Senior Program Manager of Customer Experience (CX) at NanoString Technologies. A diverse background happily brought her to Seattle. This includes completing her EdD in Organizational Leadership, over 20 years in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries in the bay area, and many years teaching and managing programs in the biological sciences at multiple community colleges. Of course, what people find interesting is that she also had the opportunity to train and perform with Pacific Northwest Ballet at the Seattle Opera House while beginning her academics at University of Washington.  That is when she fell in love with Seattle.  Her most recent accomplishment here is completing the 50-mile bike ride for Obliteride as the NanoString team co-captain.

Margaret’s initial focus at NanoString Technologies was to manage the global launch of their GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler.  The launch was a great success with all the bumps that come with a launch. Now she focuses on the strategic planning and execution of the CX leadership team goals.  This includes working on improving cross-functional communication and professional development for the multiple career ladders within the group.

Her talk for PMSIG will focus on using tools such as Appreciative Inquiry to understand the team and provide the change management needed in the industry.  Using these tools, Margaret had helped a not-for-profit build an outreach educational program for elementary school students.  In an established industry, new challenges included convincing others to push the status quo.  Steps of success and her challenges to go will be revealed for this work in progress.

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