Open post Cord Thomas

Cord Thomas

 Cord is a certified mindset and performance coach with a background and further certifications in ACT (acceptance commitment therapy) for the workplace, coaches, and rumination, worry, and obsessing. His main specializations in work with clients are stress & anxiety reduction, performance and effectiveness, motivation, career pathing, and living life through our values. His main clientele...

Open post Lester Dorman

Lester Dorman

Lester Dorman is a 25-year Silicon Valley veteran, currently in his 11th year at eBay in Selling Experience Engineering in a role that spans the areas of Chief of Staff for the VP of Engineering, Technical Program Manager of the core Selling Experience platform, and Product Manager for the Multi-User Account Access feature in Selling...

Open post James Bach

James Bach

This year, James Bach will celebrate 35 years in the testing industry. He’s the creator of Rapid Software Testing methodology and is the author of Lessons Learned in Software Testing and Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar: Self-Education and the Pursuit of Passion.

Open post Nicole Birdsall

Nicole L. Birdsall

Nicole has 20+ years of product management experience and 17+ years as an adjunct professor.  She is currently the Distinguished Senior Manager of Product Management for Pricing at PayPal and a Senior Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University teaching eCommerce and Marketing Management. Nicole started her career as a software engineer for System Software Associates...

Open post Alicia Pudwill

Alicia Pudwill

Alicia has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an MBA in Global Management. She has had her PMP certification for 4 years and has been managing projects for over 6 years. She is endlessly curious and continues to bring in new concepts to Project Management, including her 3 years of teaching yoga. Her alternative perspective...

Open post Margaret Rose Kenrick

Margaret Rose Kenrick

Margaret is the Senior Program Manager of Customer Experience (CX) at NanoString Technologies. A diverse background happily brought here to Seattle. This includes completing her EdD in Organizational Leadership, over 20 years in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries in the bay area, and many years teaching and managing programs in the biological sciences at multiple community colleges.
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