October PMSIG: Creating a Strong Impression with Memorable Messaging and Impact with Curtis Stuehrenberg

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Date - 10/12/2022
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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We’re excited to welcome Curtis Stuehrenberg – who will chat with Jon about communicating efficiently and with authenticity to create a consensus.

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Curtis Stuhrenberg

My primary goal in communicating through a formal medium like an article or a talk is to influence or enable some sort of change in my audience. My secondary goal is to create a memorable impression useful for keeping that feeling of impact long after I have stopped communicating directly to my audience. I have seen many people create content that left me with a lasting impression, but I had no sense of change in myself as an audience. I have seen many people create content that I felt changed me or changed my view of something, but within a day or so, I had forgotten most of what I had supposedly learned or been excited to do. My personal goal as a content creator and presenter is to make things that change people and last long enough for them to act on that change.

In this talk, Curtis Stuehrenberg will cover the following:

*Getting agreement on problems, building consensus on a solution, and inspiring change through a clear call-to-action

*Speaking with passion, authenticity, and finding the courage to speak your truth

*Some practices and methods

About our speaker: Curtis is a twenty-year veteran of the computer software industry. Because of his background in the theater and authoring works of fiction, he immediately gravitated toward ensuring quality through creating representations of actual people with actual problems to solve in measurable and impactful models. Approximately ten years ago, he began applying what he’d learned working in rapid deployment environments to push his view of quality as an integral part of the entire process flow. His efforts inevitably lead him to become a program/product manager putting what he evangelizes into practice. During his long journey, Curtis has built an international reputation as a speaker, author, teacher, and content creator, consistently evangelizing for quality products and experiences in everything we make.

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