Cord Thomas, Mindset and Performance Coach

October Virtual PMSIG: Effectivity in Project/Program/Product Management with Cord Thomas

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Date - 10/13/2021
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Join us for the October PM-SIG meeting, hosted by Jon Bach and sponsored by Quardev. The P stands for Project, Program, and Product.

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Effectivity in Project/Program/Product Management

New perspectives on drawing the most out of yourself and your team with the least amount of time!

In this webinar, we’re going to focus on getting the most out of ourselves and our teams. What are some of the tips, tricks, and biggest mistakes that program, product, and project managers make when it comes to boosting efficiency in their allotted teams?

We’ll touch on the importance of planning in management, and what the right amount of planning is. We’ll also discuss the traditional style of planning, and then some tips and tricks to not only effectively plan for yourself, but to plan for the members of your team as well as to boost their productivity as a group. What if you or your team aren’t people inclined to planning? We’ll also go over how to get the most out of people who prefer agility and a lack of structure.

Let’s take the idea of MVP (minimum viable product) further, and tackle a bit of the perfectionist in all of us. We usually stop with MVP at the planning stage of what’s going to be developed. I’m going to challenge you to use this 2-phase or multiphase planning in all stages of your project/program/product management to truly understand what the priorities are at any given time and to not spend time dealing with details that are important but maybe aren’t important right now.

Effectivity in meetings, brainstorming, retrospectives, and 1 to 1s. Most employees complain that their largest amount of wasted time is in meetings. Another large number of team members are multi-tasking while in meetings if they’re not presenting (especially during work from home) – cleaning, cooking, playing games, writing emails, etc. How do we get the most out of our team or a member of our team for any given meeting? How can we get them to focus? How can we effectively help and be there for our team?

You’ll come away from this webinar with a new list of ideas, tips, and tricks to implement into your daily work-life, and ideas on how to drive effectiveness for yourself and your whole team. When you start to implement these things, you’ll be seen as someone who’s structured, who knows and gets what they want from their team, and who does so without wasting anyone’s time. In anyone’s life, we always need to be reminded that TIME IS OUR MOST VALUABLE COMMODITY, and anything we can do to give ourselves (and our team) more of it, will make us feel better and loved, and give those around us the feeling of being respected, appreciated, and even more driven to achieve great successes.

About our speaker: Cord is a certified mindset and performance coach with a background and further certifications in ACT (acceptance commitment therapy) for the workplace, coaches, and rumination, worry, and obsessing. His main specializations in work with clients are stress & anxiety reduction, performance and effectiveness, motivation, career pathing, and living life through our values. His main clientele consists of corporate managers, small-medium business owners, or professional athletes.

Before Cord started off on his coaching journey 3 years ago, he was a 2-time Junior Olympic medalist in Taekwondo. He was an exchange student at 15 years old to the Czech Republic, loved it, and moved there for about 12 years. He studied international relations and diplomacy at Anglo-American University in Prague. While still at University, Cord started working for eBay in IT & marketing and spent 5 1/2 years there. During that time he had roles in SCRUM teams, as a SCRUM master and product owner, as a project manager, and in the last 2 years set the standard operating procedures for project management for eBay Marketing operations. Cord also owned the global marketing e-learning platform and was responsible for all e-learning including LEAN Six Sigma training, marketing operations training, SCRUM team training, a 12-week project management course, etc. He is a certified agile product owner and SCRUM master, LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt, and ITIL project manager. Cord grew up on the west coast of the United States before making the decision to live in the Czech Republic.

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