December PMSIG Virtual Meeting – Open Forum: Assumptions, Dependencies, and Risk

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Date - 12/08/2021
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


December PMSIG Virtual Meeting – Open Forum – Assumptions, Dependencies, and Risk

Moderated by Jon Bach

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For this session of the PMSIG, we’re opening it up to our favorite experts in Product / Program / Project Management…


This will be an open forum to get your tips, tricks, and techniques around 3 topics important to all of us – assumptions, dependencies and risks.

Jon Bach will be our usual facilitator and host, collecting ideas, stories, and questions from you as our audience.

You can attend as a silent participant, of course, but we’re hoping you’re willing to share something specific if you can around these topics:

Assumptions: They say never to assume anything. How can we do that when assumptions are economical and practical? We can’t question everything, so what kinds of things SHOULD we question about our projects that are likely to go wrong?

Dependencies: Something can’t get done unless something else happens first. How can we increase the probability of alignment and motivation of delivery across teams?

Risk: Risk is the LIKELIHOOD of something bad happening to our projects, and the IMPACT if it does. What useful ways have you used to manage or mitigate common project risks.

As we build this community of practice for Product / Program / Project Managers, we’re hoping this kind of forum will be insightful and useful.

Mark your calendar for December 8 at 6 pm to join this interactive live session!

About our host: Jon Bach is a Senior Program Manager at eBay, leading various quality-related efforts in its Marketing Technologies team of 150 people. He has more than two decades of software quality project experience as a tester, test manager, test consultant, and test director, which he now uses to help eBay make sure its marketing efforts are thoughtful and relevant. He has an energetic and practical style, and he is known to many eBay customers as “Jon the Bug Hunter.” Jon can be reached at

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