April 2021 PMSIG: Principles and Practices For Successful Product Design Development

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Date - 04/14/2021
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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Principles and Practices For Successful Product Design Development

Presented by: Mahnaz Milani Baladi

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Across the entire spectrum of high-technology sectors, companies and corporations of all sizes and focus are vying to be progenitors and producers of the next ‘new-new’ thing. Within such a competitive landscape, it is not easy for a company to succeed in this quest without a careful understanding of what such success requires. During this program, participants will be afforded first-hand insights, based on the presenter’s first-hand experience, into the most cutting-edge practices and principles that are at the core of successful product design and development.

Topics will include the following – and more!

  • Design thinking for an intuitive product
  • Prioritize product features (Evaluate qualitative and quantitative tradeoffs)
  • Set and measure goals after product shipment
  • Generate appropriate solution to user needs
  • End-user input and experience
  • Resource allocation and prioritization
  • Develop a cohesive go-to-market strategy

About our speaker: Mahnaz Milani-Baladi (BS, Chemical Engineering, Columbia; MS, Physics, University of Oregon) is a seasoned, serial, and experienced leader of product design and development across multiple technologies and industry sectors. Some of her prior work experience includes Operations Management of first Gen Apple Watch, Face ID module on iPhone X, Concept development on Oculus VR eye-tracking. She served as Head of Program Management for Hardware and Connected Devices at Livongo, a Silicon Valley-based digital health company that is empowering people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives by delivering actionable, personalized, and timely health signals. The data, along with the devices themselves, are creating the Internet of MedicalThings (IoMT) – a connected infrastructure of medical devices, software applications, and coaching services. She’s currently at Providence Digital Innovation Group, an incubator for digital health and building Telehealth platforms for health systems.

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