Shift your career without starting over

August 2022 PMSIG, presented by Ben Brodsky and interviewed by Jon Bach

We’re excited to welcome Ben Brodsky – who will chat with Jon about how to find joy in your work.

Are you in a job that doesn’t quite fit your passions? Have you put so much time into your career that the idea of starting over doesn’t make sense yet, long for a new challenge? Well, you’re in luck, pal. I was once in a career that I thought would be my ‘forever’, just like you, but on one special summer’s day, on a motorcycle ride along a windy road, I came to realize that there is a way to make a career shift without starting completely over. So if you’re a criminal investigator or in any field that isn’t bringing you joy, but thinks a change is too massive, join me in the next PM-SIG, and I’ll share my secrets.

About our guest: Ben is a recovered criminal investigator, now with two little investigators of his own, Miles and Ocean. Ben has lived and worked in the Seattle area since the late 70s, back when soda cost a nickel, but just can’t imagine living anywhere else. If he’s not in front of his computer, he can be found playing at the beach with the best people he knows (his two kids and wife) or in the garage boxing gym, which is his second home.

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