December 2020 Virtual PMSIG – The Emerging Role of Company Ecology on Project Methodology

The Emerging Role of Company Ecology on Project Methodology

Alicia Pudwill discusses the role of company ecology with a fresh, new perspective as if feeling it for the first time. Understand how your awareness and mentality of the world you live and breathe in affects your work’s curiosity and passion. You are responsible for the health and success of an idea, which manifests as your project. First, we will dig into the framework of this business ecology, and then we will examine how to navigate through it. Finding your own sense of clarity moves you to investigate and overcome obstacles as you have never experienced before.

About Alicia Pudwill: Alicia has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an MBA in Global Management. She has had her PMP certification for 4 years and has been managing projects for over 6 years. She is endlessly curious and continues to bring in new concepts to Project Management, including her 3 years of teaching yoga. Her alternative perspective is one-of-a-kind. She currently has 19k LinkedIn followers and has authored multiple articles.

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